Windows XP black-screen error is as old as the operating system itself. If you have a computer then you would have experienced this error some or the other time, and might you have fixed the problem on your own or with the help of some tech support provider. Particularly, black screen error may come up due to many reasons such as due to power failure, damaged video card or failed video driver, corrupted MBR (Master boot record) and damaged NTDLR files.

However, if you are novice to a computer then you might get feared with the Windows XP black-screen error. Sitting in front of blank screen is just like eating up your mind. You don’t know which way to go as like in other problems you have at least some options to click on certain tabs and do something to get a bay to the problem.

Well, weather you are a novice or an expert the problem doesn’t make any distinction. It may arise anytime and anywhere. The problem base is that the Windows XP operating system is unable to boot, it may be getting hindrance due to any recent software or hardware changes or may be corrupted as discussed earlier.

Sometimes the problem is enough simple as you can just restart the system and gets your system working fine. Sometimes you can boot the system if possible in ‘Safe-Mode’ and do make a system restoration to find a quick solution. Have got the solution till now? Then you are the luckiest guy! But situation may not be always simple and you may need advanced troubleshooting for the Windows XP, which requires expertise in that particular field. The tech guy can do a complete overhauling of your computer with the use of the Windows XP CD. Furthermore, you need to get the latest update i.e. Service Pack 2 or Service Pack 3 on your system to keep up pace with better computing performance. Don’t overlook installing and updating your device drivers on the machine, to get you computer configured with all attached peripherals such as printers, scanners and more.

As a preventive measure keep your Windows Firewall and security software updated and configured. Also keep the Windows XP operating system updated with the latest available patches from the parent website. Comprehensive protection, not only keeps the computer protected against viruses, spyware and other malicious codes which corrupt the system software but also give you a safe and secure environment for Internet usage.


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