First of all, I do not really hate my office 2007. Truthfully, I still love it. I can’t forget the innovative experience which I had. I still care for it, but still a jealous streak, like a hot blue flame of anger flares whenever I watch someone with new Office Home 2010 on his machine. It burns me, and I think you can understand my dilemma. Isn’t it!

Eventually, I can’t hold myself from the new legendary Office Home 2010 owing to its classic user interface. Integrated Windows Live Writer, E-mail Essentials and Video in Microsoft PowerPoint along with unmatched Photo editing tools, Spelling checker, and Digital signatures are some of the compassionate features, which are enough to woo everyone. Really! It’s a masterpiece from Microsoft.

I am a big risk taker and can’t let things slip this way. I called up my bro and asked him to do something to install and Activate Office Home 2010 on my computer. He suggested me on “How to Activate Office Home 2010.” I did the same which helped me to accomplish the task in the best possible way. I’m mentioning the steps, which you may find helpful.

Insert the Office Home Edition installation disk into your CD/ROM drive.

Navigate to “My Computer” or simply “Computer” for Vista and Windows 7 users. Right click on the CD/DVD-RM drive icon. Select “Autoplay.”

Enter the 25 character Microsoft Office product key in the “Product Key” box. This number is located on the back of your installation CD case. Hit “Continue.”

Hit the button “I accept” after you have finished reading the “Microsoft Software License Terms.” Hit “Continue.”

Hit the “Customize” button and select “Installation options.” Select all the programs that you wish to install by putting a check mark beside the respective programs. If youhave enough hard drive space, it may be a good idea to install all the programs since you paid for all of them. Hit “Install Now.”

Follow “On-screen” prompts to complete the installation.

Ultimately the Office Home 2010 was activated and I took a sigh of relief.

  1. Wow, thank you for this amazing tutorial. I would not be able to understand the instructions without these detailed and descriptive steps!

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