“Can I get Microsoft Windows Online Help?” asked my fiancée, yesterday when her laptop Windows get corrupted. Well, everything was fine until she switched on for an online game. In fact, she had put the system in menace, and it was unable to start then. I tried to boot the system in Safe-Mode but in vain. I was grueling with her act and scolded a bit.

What I could do was to call a friend, a person whom I can trust, who was well in computer troubleshooting. He came around as I called up and did what he could but there was no way out of the problem. The computer was absolute dead, no sound, no image and no action at all. The computer was absolute dead, no sound, no image and no action at all. Even so, one good thing he did, he gave me a phone number for Online Computer Help. Understanding the situation, I dialed the number as it was the last hope. Soon I was connected to a remote technician. He asked me about the problem, I told him but he kept asking me some other details which appears to me quite nostalgic. I was feeling as though he wanted to take a test of my temperament. The guy on the other hand was quite experienced. He read my mind quickly, and said, “Thanks for your kind information; we need all these for documentation.”

He gave me a web-link on my phone device and asked me to follow the steps mentioned there in, to resolve the Windows booting problem. The article was about troubleshooting Windows to repair it with the help of the Windows installation CD/DVD disk. I followed the task and soon my system was back into action. The system booted well with relatively least time, now the Internet was also running up to its maximum speed. It was a great Microsoft Windows online help. I was overwhelmed with the knowledge and expertise of that tech guy.

This Windows help was a complete renaissance for the laptop and it also glued us with love, and we went out to have some wonderful time in the park under the azure sky above.

  1. Very interesting.. Yup it really works. Microsoft Windows Technical supports and services are best one…

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