Microsoft Hotmail Support-Unleashing the Power of Communication

Posted: April 13, 2011 in Computer and internet
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Buzz of the New Year! I was exaggerated; lots of wishes were coming from friends and family via my phone device. The entire day was extroverted; in the evening I got some time, and turned on my dell laptop to see updates in my Microsoft Hotmail account. I was shocked! Inbox, sent items and other folders were empty all. There was nothing. I logged off and logged in, restarted my system, application and everything what I could but to no use. In fact, I tried with other hotmail account of my family, but the same status prevailed. Later on, I came to know from others that the Microsoft Hotmail has experienced a problem and this is a mass outage.

Later on Microsoft conceded the fact and assured that Microsoft support technicians will fix the issue very soon. In fact it calmed me to a great extent. I relaxed with the sense that I am not alone and there are 360 millions with me. However, there is not exact date that when it all started. “At this point it appears to be a limited issue, and Microsoft is working with individual users who are impacted. We apologize for any inconvenience to our customers,” Microsoft spokeswoman Catherine Brooker said. Likewise issues had affected Microsoft Hotmail earlier as well. You might recall the phishing attempt on Windows Live Service in 2009, when about 10, 000 of Hotmail accounts were compromised. These all originated from Europe and were legitimate.

In spite of issues I can’t help myself from appreciating the services of the Microsoft Hotmail, which has been integrated with Windows Live Service, and is accredited as the third largest e-mail client after Yahoo and Google. Hotmail allows you to set-up and configure multiple e-mail accounts such as Yahoo, AOL, Gmail and more, thus making your communication simpler and easier. You can get updates from social networking sites, including LinkedIn, Flickr, and YouTube, and share Office and OneNote files with others through the SkyDrive feature.

Microsoft Hotmail support is also catered by different independent support providers. They can help you to troubleshoot all issues with your account in a quick and easy manner. You can seek help to safeguard your account against any unauthorized access. This gives you the confidence to share different formats of digital information in a perfectly secure manner.


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