Microsoft Vista Support Phone Number-Your One Stop Tech Support

Posted: April 23, 2011 in Support for windows xp

Bizarre! One side Microsoft is showing its benevolence towards Windows XP and Windows Vista customers by catering service pack and extending the Microsoft technical support till mid of 2014 and 2017 respectively, and on the other side it has biased the old customers from using the mind blowing Internet Explorer 9 and yet-to-hit Explorer 10. I don’t want to make a survey but surely the guys having an emotional touch with Windows XP and Vista, are not going to digest is easily.

I read the news on the Internet and felt absolutely discriminated. But it’s a business strategy from Microsoft and you can’t do anything rather than accepting the challenge. Windows Vista passed through so much of criticism regarding software compatibility and driver issues that I was tagged as the stubborn one, who can’t change the decision. In fact, I too suffered some problems but I had accepted all, as a part and parcel of life. Because problems make you wise and teach you a lesson to be better.

Last week, I purchased a new hp printer. I went through the pamphlet and the manual guide to know about the installation procedure. I connected the pc with the printer and then entered the printer CD into the CD-drive to set-up and install the machine. The software was installed, even though the printer icon was not visible on the system. I called up the printer vendor to fix the problem. But he couldn’t make a breakthrough, and surrendered, at the last saying that the “Windows Vista Printer Spooler Service is not working” and there is not fault with the printer. He went away with an advice of Microsoft Vista support phone number.

Again, it was a bitter test for my love with Windows Vista. I dialed the Tech Support number and soon my call was entertained by a young technician. After a bit of formalities he started the troubleshooting process. I sat relax! What I was watching the movement of the mouse pointer on my screen. He was performing almost like a wizard. Hardly, he would have taken 10 minutes and then prompted me to take a print-test. I did, and it worked. Thank God! For keeping my faith live. Certainly, He is the one who saves you when all left.


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