Microsoft Office support-For Reliable and Enhanced Performance

Posted: April 29, 2011 in Microsoft office support
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Can anyone deny with the Microsoft Office program? I don’t think so, in fact, this is the most user-friendly program, which any software company has developed so far. It is loved by one and all, right from students to professionals no one remain untouched. It is one of the essential stuff of businesses. But, this is the most panicked software as well. It’s not only me, there are lot more users, who have gone through the menace of MS office installation and activation.

I read about Ribbon, the Fluent User Interface, which is the cornerstone of Office suite 2007, and has replaced conventional menus and the toolbars. Besides, enhancing the performance it has given new attire to the application. Groove and Office SharePoint Server are the exemplary development which is wooing the businesses segment a lot. Being a person driven by innovation, I decided to get the new office version on my system. I consulted a Tech Support company regarding the same. Understanding my curiosity, the tech personal diagnosed my system compatibility, which luckily didn’t dismay me. I have the Windows XP service pack 2 on my system, which was good to support it.

Once I agreed to acquire the Microsoft Office support service, the technician asked for the Microsoft Office 2007 CD. He enquired about the previous version which was already installed on my system. A pleasant thing, which I liked about the technician, was that he gave me the option of installing the new version without removing the previous one. However, I went with the clean installation, and then he removed the earlier version from the “Add or Remove Program” section under the Control Panel as follow:

“Upgrade” or “Customize” options are too available, if you don’t need to uninstall the previous versions. A window prompts as below:

However, if you ignore all these intermediaries then Windows Installer service initiates to install the Office 2007 Set-up file on your system. As per the Microsoft Office support service I was able to successfully install it on my system.

For smooth installation, accept the “EULA” part and then and let the installation to proceed, once you’ve installed Office 2007, Microsoft encourages you to get updates and advice from its site. Later on, you would be asked to validate your copy, If you’re connected the Internet, you can validate your copy of Office 2007 in a matter of moments. Else, call on the toll-free telephone number to get it validated. If you postpone this process, you can run the applications 25 times before you must validate your license.

Though, you may keep both the older and the newer versions on your system but at the same time you need to keep a converter program later to use the older software to open the newer files.

Indeed, it was a great Computer Support, which helped me to smoothly complete the Microsoft office installation procedure. Are you interested to do the same?


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