Windows Technical Support Phone Number-Craving for Excellence

Posted: May 24, 2011 in Windows Support
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I still remember the day, when I joined my first company; it was a jubilating moment for me. On the very first day, I reached office in time, after some formalities, Watson, my senior assigned me some task and showed me the bay, to sit there. I was quite confident, I restarted my hp laptop system and after a bit research on the Internet I started with the project. I was supposed to report to him by the lunch time.
Everything went good for an hour, but soon I noticed that my system is going down, and in fact, it began to restart on its own and abruptly the screen became blue. After a bit of troubleshooting, what I could, I lost my hope. I looked up the watch; hardly an hour was left for the crucial lunch time. I reported about the problem to a colleague, who was sitting next to me. But, real airhead he was, he laughed at me, and said what happened to the experience you boasted about, at the interview time. I was really a goof at the time. Then, certainly a number flashed in my mind, I was delighted and instantly called up the Windows technical support phone number.
Within a moment my call was entertained by a technician, we discussed the problem, later on he suggested me to boot the laptop in the safe-mode, I followed his instructions and it was done. The technician asked for the remote session of my system, and after my permission he went on to troubleshoot it. He performed the virus removal task with an online tool, shortly after that he edited the registry settings and no time, he permitted me to go with the laptop and everything is alright.
Indeed great Windows technical support it was! I carried on the assigned task. I took some more time and then after the half-session I sent the assigned task to my boss. He was content with the attached file, and when he came to know about the laptop problem, he appreciated my patience and the approach of getting the best Windows support on time.

  1. Microsoft Windows Technical Support Helps you to get any kind of technical support and it also solves your technical issues you face …. any way thanks for sharing your experience.

  2. I guess it providing the best services for its users..

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