How to Reinstall Windows XP without Losing Your Data

Posted: May 28, 2011 in Windows Support
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Have you felt the agony of system crash? God forbid that anyone undergo such a menace. I still can’t overcome the trauma, which I had with my Windows xp system last weekend. I just turned on the laptop to check e-mails. But as I went with the browser I found an error-message, I tried a lot but couldn’t get access.

Considering it to be some problem from the server end, I ignored the issue and then went ahead to print a business letter. But when I tried to access the word document it too was showing access denied related error. Then all of a sudden the system-screen turned blue. I kept the laptop aside and took a cup of coffee to relax. Suddenly I got a call from the office saying that they need some urgent data. I told the official about the problem and expressed my grief then he gave me a Tech Support number and advised me to call and fix the issue at once and then get the thing done as early as possible.

I called up the number and after a short ivr session luckily the call was entertained by a person, who represented himself as a Windows xp technician. I discussed the problem and then he asked for the Windows XP CD. He told me to follow some steps to bring the system in the safe mode. He then suggested me to take a backup of the data on the other system-partition. He instructed me very gently to do the job and then he went ahead to reinstall Windows XP. The task was done and eventually I could see my laptop booting.

He was a genius he reinstalled windows xp without losing my data and that’s too in a quick and easy way. Thereafter, he suggested me benevolently to install antivirus on the system to protect it from viruses and other Internet threats to which I agreed and then the technician installed a free antivirus on the system and told me to get it activated to a full version after the 30 days, if you find it good. Thankfully, he helped me to recover my important official documents and I was able to deliver those to my office.


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