Clean-up Windows Registry to Fix Computer Issues

Posted: June 28, 2011 in Windows Support
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All the information about your computer’s settings is stored in a database in Registry Settings. Access to this repository can give another person or program control over how other programs or applications are allowed to run on your computer. Virus attacks target the registry settings and cause system crashes. Using PC Tools Registry Mechanic, you can detect or identify missing and invalid references in your registry. Select to remove them manually or automatically repair all such errors. By deleting the trace of your online activity from your computer, this effectively reduces your vulnerability to web threats. Protecting your internet privacy removes the threat of intrusion and spyware. The software can also bleach unused disk space and remove deleted files permanently.

I’ve used PC Tools Registry Mechanic and it does improve the speed and stability of Windows. It’s compatible with Windows 98, ME, Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7. I can tell that it makes a difference to my computer because I get far less notifications for suspicious files on the internet and my antivirus has stopped throwing pop-ups at me. Plus it has easy to use optimization tools so I can scan and fix individual registry keys or automatically repair them all. It also lets me edit my start-up programs so that my computer is much faster to start with. I run a decent windows firewall but nothing too great. With PC Tools Registry Mechanic, I don’t need to configure it at all. Its freely downloadable and a must have for Windows users.


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