Microsoft has given a new life to Windows XP users; perhaps, it understands the demand of its customer. Despite of the availability of Windows Vista and Windows 7, it’s still concerned about the stability and security of the Windows XP. After Service Pack 2 it released Pack 3 on 6, 2008; consisting security updates and hotfixes, and leveraging the XP users with an extended Microsoft support till 2014.

Surely the renaissance will relieve its customers from a long series of computer problems. But if the time is bad then certainly it won’t help you. This time its with Symantec users. Yesterday an XP user called up and he was really frustrated with Microsoft’s attempt. After the download nothing worked in his favor. He was getting a blue-screen with an error “stop:c0000139 (entry point not found) can’t find Gdi32.dll.”

I uninstalled and then reinstalled the pack, configured the BIOS but to no way. At last, the case was escalated to level 2 tech support team. And after a thorough analysis and diagnosis the team was able to fix it.
The same can work on your machine if its not booting correctly after SP3 installation.
1) Start your computer in “Safe Mode.”

2) Click on “Start”, “Run”, and type “REGEDIT” and then press the “Enter” button. This will open the Registry Editor.

3) Click the pluse(+) next to the following registry keys to navigate to the correct spot.

4) In the right hand column find the entry titled “START” and double-click on it.

5) Change the number to 4 and click “Ok”.

6) Close the “Registry Editor”.

7) Shut down your computer and restart

This time the computer should restart normally and finish the installation of SP3.
However, I would recommend to back-up your registry settings prior to changes in the editor panel.

In case of any issues you should contact for technical support from a reliable source.
Hope a good time with Windows XP Service Pack 3! Keep enjoying will meet again.


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