Windows Registry is often termed as the “brain” of your machine, as it instructs and guides the entire functioning of the system. If your system is running down, and you are getting error messages and failure in Internet connection, then most probably there could be some error with the Windows Registry settings. Most of the time you often go on searching in dark room with no result, hence, read ahead to get acquainted with some symptoms, might it would be helpful in resolving frequent computer problems.

1. Slow performance, the most frequent problem, which gets on your nerves, might be associated with the corrupted registry settings.

2. Missing file reports, clearly indicates that there is some serious problems with the system as you are unable to proceed with applications that were once trustworthy. Windows reports a file not found error.

3. Missing OLE error message, the Windows fails to locate one of the Windows registry elements of a compound document.

4. Contaminated or missing desktop icons. The desktop trash bin shows empty, yet the examination window shows that the trash bin is full.

5. Appearance of strange symbols and file names under “My Computer.” Note that this is also a primary symptom of a damaged hard drive.

6. The start menu control panel option ceases to function.

7. Failure of the Internet connection.

8. Missing network information. The network connections menu no longer displays a list of available networks.

9. Devices begin to stop functioning and the Windows device manager no longer listed them as active or installed.

10. Random system crashes and reboots.

Now, there are two options, either go for online computer support or take help of any registry cleaner software, which is available online. Don’t for self registry editing unless you have the expertise in doing so. It’s recommended to back up it prior to any changes.
Computer support specialists can remotely evaluate the performance of the Windows Event Viewer and can edit the registry settings as per demand.


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