Microsoft Office 365 has democratized computing, it has given freedom to collaborate and communicate, and the comfort to work from anywhere and anytime.

Access your e-mail, important documents, contacts, and calendar from almost anywhere and any device. It will change the way you run business and office. And will give privilege to enjoy error-free computing with the least or “No software conflicts”, which usually happens with other programs.

It will neither ask you for any installation DVD/CD nor prompt to go any site to download, install, activate, update and configure any software on the system. Just sing-up and use the service. Microsoft offers trial as well as paid versions. The paid versions will include customized plans for small business, enterprise and education.
Add on plans are to entertain information workers with dedicated PCs and kiosk workers (such as baristas or physicians) who share a PC and need only Web-based access.

Along with the software service the company has launched massive tech support program, which will guide users to seamlessly integrate their Office applications with the Office 365.

Computer support technicians are too available online which can simplify your computing with the latest technology. They can easily set up and configure your desktop, laptop and Windows or iphone to enhance the accessibility features.


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