Reasons and Nature for Various 550 Command Rejected Errors

Posted: October 12, 2011 in Computer and internet, Hotmail support, Microsoft e-mail support, Technical Support
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Hotmail Support

Hotmail is one of the most powerful email client applications, which is majorly used by maximum number of users all around the world. I have been using Hotmail as my professional e-mail id since long time back, which works flawlessly.

But sometimes, due to some technical conflicts, we may encounter a commonly occurred error, which is also known as “550 command rejected error”, and can be caused due to sender id validation failure while sending emails to windows live users.

I like researching on technical aspects, so here is a list of some of the common Hotmail 550 errors that I have examined from various Hotmail support applications, and can be helpful for you to understand the nature and reason for the same:

  •  550 SC-001 Error: It is one of the commonly occurred error message, which appears when the e-mail is not allowed by the security policies of Hotmail. If your email contains content, which is related to spam, then it may be the strongest reason for this error message. Removing spam related data from your e-mail can be helpful in this case. In order get further assistance on it, you can also contact Hotmail support too.
  • 550 DY-002 Error: The error namely “550 DY-002” error is purely related with virus on the server or personal computer, and it is another cause for the rejection of e-mail. So make sure that your system or server is not affected with virus or any spyware. I came across with the same error message, and was resolved after removing a couple of viruses from my system.
  •  550 DY-001 Error: This is another type of error, which arises sometimes, while sending e-mails from dynamic IP addresses. They are generally not meant for delivering unauthenticated SMTP email to an Internet mail server. In addition, you can also visit various websites that provide detailed information related to the list of dynamic IP addresses.

Hopefully, the above-mentioned measures can be useful, and can provide you the clear understanding of various issues, even without much of Hotmail help.


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