Customizing Outgoing Mail Server Settings for Windows Mail Application

Posted: October 13, 2011 in Computer and internet, Hotmail support, Microsoft e-mail support, Microsoft tech support, Technical Support
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"Hotmail Technical Help"

Hotmail Technical Help

My job requires me to send lots of important emails to my clients on daily basis; therefore I cannot afford to get disconnected from Internet at all. I have been using Windows live mail since years, and it is hard to imagine my condition without accessing my mailbox.

But a couple of days before due to some security reasons, I was supposed to change the outgoing mail server settings of my windows live account. I straightaway called on Hotmail phone support; believe me, my outgoing mail server settings were configured within minutes.  Many thanks to Hotmail technical help! Here are the troubleshooting steps that I followed to resolve the issue; hopefully they might work for you too:

  • Step1: Open Windows mail application, by clicking Windows live mail, under “all programs” option that appears after clicking “Start” button, located on the bottom left corner of your desktop’s screen.
  • Step2: Next, Click the option namely “Accounts”, which is situated under the “Tools” menu.
  • Step3: Then, click the desired e-mail account under the option namely “Mail”, and after that, you need to click on its properties. Next, locate the tab called “server”, and provide the details about new email server in the SMTP textbox.
  • Step4: Click the checkbox named as “My Server require authentication”, to supply authentication to the updated mail server.
  • Step5: After that, you are required to click “settings”, “log on using” options respectively, and then supply the username and password for SMTP server.

So, if some of you are facing the identical issue with the configuration settings of your outgoing mail server, by following these steps, you can easily setup SMTP server settings, without even consulting Hotmail customer service support.


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