"Hotmail Help"

Hotmail Help

Last weekend, I was talking to one of my business partners over the phone while travelling in a metro, but unfortunately encountered with a technical issue with my phone. I was not able to listen anything, despite of restarting it multiple times. It was annoying! Fortunately, I had a laptop with me that day, so had an idea to talk to my friend with the help of MSN messenger, as I have a windows live id too, which I rarely use. Finally, I had a long and useful conversation with my friend.

As I mentioned, I am new to msn messenger, so did not know about the procedure of adding contacts on Hotmail. Next day I called on Hotmail phone support, and learnt the process to add a contact on windows messenger. Here are some the steps that I followed:

  • Step1: Simply log-in to your Microsoft windows messenger application.
  • Step2: Next, you will be able to view an icon named as “Add contact or Group”, situated on the top of your messenger’s window. Initially, it took a little time for me to identify the icon. But, to make me understand, the Hotmail help executive provided me a little more briefing about that, as the icon appeared like a man’s picture, along with “+” sign.
  • Step3: After that, add the required e-mail address in the textbox, which will be there, in the next screen, and click the button namely “Next”.
  • Step4: Write a message, and click on the button “Send Invitation”.

I was really happy after adding my friend’s e-mail id in the messenger’s contact list, as now I can communicate with him at any time. If you are also facing the identical issue with your system, now, you can resolve it on your own, without even contacting Hotmail customer service support.


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