Microsoft Fix It Resolves Print Spooler Errors

Posted: November 3, 2011 in Microsoft fix it, Microsoft reviews, Technical Support, Windows Support
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"Microsoft Fix It"

Microsoft Fix It

Yesterday, when I reached home, my neighbor called up me. I went there, he offered me Vodka with cheese sticks. I enjoyed no doubt. But by large I was pleasantly surprised at his attitude that ‘how this boring man can shall-out so much’. Indeed there was a reason for it. He revealed, “Today, I bought a new Dell PC, it’s equipped with Windows 7; the vendor told ‘you can connect it with your other computers or laptops at home’ provided if they run on Windows 7.”

“Can you do the favor for networking,” he asked. Then what? I started setting up and configuring the network. All went right, and I showed him pictures, music, documents, videos and other valuable assets of his laptop on the new PC. But the printer stayed rude towards the PC.

Though it was printing well from the laptop but from the PC it was not responding at all.

Later I navigated to “Microsoft Fix It” tool to overcome the problem. I clicked on the button so as to run the diagnostic and troubleshooting tool. It popped up; there is ‘errors with the print spooler’ owing to some fault in the Windows, and recommended for Windows Repair.

As the Windows Repair was out of scope for the “Microsoft Fix It” tool so I advised my friend to call on the Microsoft Support number to fix the problem.

A technician took the remote access of the machine, and in no time, he repaired the Windows, configured the Home group and updated printer driver. Aftermath the printer became accessible from PC and laptop both.

  1. scot says:

    Actually, Microsoft Fix It is not enough in most cases – see this article:

    And this video:

    Hope will be helpful

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