"Windows Live Help"

Windows Live Help

Yesterday, I upgraded My Windows XP to Windows 7 Home Premium. I was bit satisfied with the task, as it was the first time that I did something right to my PC.

Actually, I did it at the advice of a friend. He had told me that Microsoft’s Windows Live Essentials is an impeccable tool to share and communicate and its latest feature Outlook Connector Pack is a great tool to connect all Hotmail and social network contacts at single platform. Moreover, the parental control component is great. The new settings effectively put a check on the surfing habit protecting kids against potentially inappropriate web-content.

Once, the computer setup job was done, I landed on the sign-up page of Windows Live. But, next, what happened was extremely disgusting. An “LEFKPK Error Message” popped up. When I couldn’t get a breakthrough after repeated attempt, I started searching Windows Live Help service. Luckily, I got a web-portal which was promising and relevant. There was a toll-free number on it, and I made no delay in contacting the Windows Live Support technicians. After a brief detail, the technician forwarded me an article to fix the error. It instructed me to revisit the account creation page, and validate the IP address of machine.

Amazing, the problem was resolved, I created the account successfully. Later on the technician helped me to configure my Gmail and Yahoo mail account. Now, I don’t need to get logged on to different mail accounts, I can manage all from my Windows Live Mail. I’m using it well to share documents and photos with my friend.

I like Windows Live Essentials a lot!


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