Is Print Spooler Service Is Experiencing Problems ?

Posted: December 9, 2011 in Microsoft fix it, Microsoft Support, Technical Support
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"Microsoft Help"

Microsoft Help

Have you ever been in situations “Print Spooler service is experiencing problems”? Well, it could be the frustrating issue, bundling your nerve. Don’t assume it as a printer problem alone, because it is something related to the Windows operating system.

Last weekend, it happened in my office as well, and right before, when our accountant was just to take a print out of an attendance sheet. He came to me, with hope. I went to his workstation so as to check the printer settings, connectivity and others. But that was futile, and we couldn’t make the printer to work.

I dialed the Microsoft number using the skype tool, and I was connected with a technician soon. He asked about the version of Windows and the service pack running. I provided whatever he wanted. Then he said, “I need the remote access of your machine to fix print spooler issues”, I agreed.

Wow, the technician at Microsoft Help-desk was brilliant. We had hardly spent few minutes in sipping coffee, and he was done with the troubleshooting. He diagnosed the “Device Manager” and updated printer driver, besides configured the printer settings, and finally the printer was connected. He even showed us the result via a print-test, and it passed successfully.

We received an article as well from Microsoft Support. It was reading various aspects of Windows spooler service error and their fixes. Eventually, the accountant was able to take the desired print-outs. The printer ran not only in an error-free way but the print-quality was also better.


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