Quick and Easy Steps to Resolve commonly Occurred Issues in Hotmail

Posted: December 29, 2011 in Computer and internet, Hotmail support, Microsoft e-mail support, Microsoft Support, Microsoft tech support, Technical Support
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"Hotmail Customer Support"

Hotmail Customer Support

According to a recent research, it is observed that Hotmail is one of the most popular e-mail applications that have maximum number of users worldwide. I also have my official e-mail account on Hotmail, and have been continuously using it for various business transactions.

Last week, when I was supposed to send an important presentation to one of my international clients through my Hotmail account, I came across with an error related to blank page display. Frankly speaking, I am not a technical guy, but spent some time on researching on various blogs, and finally fixed the issue on my own. That was a great experience!

Here are some of the useful steps that resolved my issue:

  • Login and Clear Cache: In order to resolve the issue, you just need to login to your Hotmail account, and clear browser cache. The method for clearing cache can differ as per the browser type, which is also available on various applications associated to Hotmail help. If you are using Internet explorer, select “Internet Options” from the menu namely “Tools”, situated on the top of your browser window, and click on “General” tab. After that, click “Delete” under “Browsing History” feature, and then also click “Delete files”.  Next, click “close” and “ok”.

If you are working on Mozilla Firefox, then click on “Options”, located under the “Tools” menu. Next, select “Advanced” panel, situated under “Options” feature. After that, click on tab namely “Network”, and then click the button “Clear Now”, which is situated under the “Offline Storage” segment. Moreover, if you are using some different browser, you can still get steps to clear cache, as per your browser on Hotmail support website too.

  • Page Refresh: After visiting the landing page, you need to keep pressing “Ctrl” key, and refresh the page by pressing F5 key on your keyboard. Conversely, make sure that your antivirus software is updated. Next, reboot your system.
  • Update Adobe Flash Player: The next step is to update adobe flash player, which is required to run some of the important components that are available on Hotmail. You can update it by visiting Adobe’s website as well.

The above-mentioned steps really worked for me, and if you are encountering the similar issue, you can resolve it on your own without consulting Hotmail customer support.


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