With Hotmail Save Time And Enjoy Many New Features

Posted: February 2, 2012 in Hotmail Help, Hotmail support, Microsoft e-mail support, Microsoft Support, Technical Support
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"Hotmail Support"

Hotmail Support

With Hotmail emailing turns richer, simpler, easier and more efficient. Yes, this is what the latest banner from the Hotmail family says.

If you are someone who has not logged into your account recently? So, log in now to witness the makeover your Hotmail had recently. The simple objective behind the entire exercise was to give Hotmail users like you an enriched experience. This new feature requires lesser time and can help in easy de-cluttering of the inbox while offering you an efficient way to keep record of your emails, both personal and professional.

Emails are something that you need to access almost every day and in fact many times a day, especially if you are a professional. With Hotmail Help enjoy added simplification with lesser of what is called Hotmail problems and more of efficient, enriched services. All of this is to help you enjoy an easy email service, with Hotmail as your companion.

With new features like sending 200+ photos in one single email and that too in a new slideshow or thumbnail pattern. 25 GB storage space that helps you save more and enjoy more you will now be saved from anything like running out of space or over space consumption on your email account. If still wish to know more you can easily contact the Hotmail customer service, which is like an all-time support that you can count on no matter what.

The new Active Views is another such star feature at Hotmail that helps you get the power to surf for over eighty other websites through your Hotmail inbox. So, if its YouTube video you are seeking to see via a link your friend shared or get updates about what’s new on Flickr, Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, you needn’t search the different corners, get it all here.

So, save time on emails and get an easy way to surf through the web, but without wasting the time on doing it one by one. To know more you can easily contact the Hotmail Support and get all your queries answered in a jiffy.


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