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Posted: February 3, 2012 in Microsoft fix it, Microsoft reviews, Microsoft Support, Technical Support
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"Microsoft Support"

Microsoft Support

Since its inception ‘Microsoft’ has been the buzz word that virtually every PC user out there looks up to and anticipates as ‘THE ‘name. With a line of operating systems that are touted to be the basic OS users rely on, the popularity Microsoft enjoys in the world of computer is not bounded by words. It in fact is explicitly renowned and calling it as ‘the ace’ will not be exaggerating.

Office and home productivity has gone vertically up with the induction of new series of products with enhanced features. The recent MS Office suite 2010 available in different editions to allure people from diverse segments is an exemplary one. It has leveraged the power of computing and individuals can work simultaneously on the same file sitting at the corners of the globe. Getting the desired visual effect is no more a herculean task. Outlook 2010 is a hub for colleagues, customers, and friends. Built-in Outlook Social Connector, SharePoint and Windows Live help people stay connected in a vivid manner. Microsoft reviews available from customers and experts speak a volume.

Like it’s said that even the healthiest of people may need a doctor at some phase of life. Similar is with computers, after all like a human body the computers too are composed of many smaller parts. Just this way error in Operating system and software from Microsoft family can pop up anytime. Microsoft Fix It is a right tool designed specifically to fix such errors. Just a few clicks help users to get rid of related issues.

"Microsoft Fix It"

Microsoft Fix It

Boo! Haven’t you got the fix? Well, they may seem small but resolving every issue by self is an impractical thing. So, why not let someone who knows it best do it for you. Let experts who are aware and well versed offer you that helping hand that can easily get your PC out of trouble in no time. Microsoft support offered by experts is a completely practical thing that you can rely on anytime. Offered by technicians who are certified to do so, the windows repair feature is like a boon especially for all of you who are unaware about the technicality and detailed make of the same.

Fixing errors and resolving issues that can hinder your computer’s normal functionality now seems history. All thanks to the excellent Microsoft support that experts are happy to offer 24×7.

So, get ready to become an owner of a computer that can help in adding to your productivity at work by paving lesser hindrances. Even then if you get stuck anytime, call experts who are just a call away.

  1. Tony Chilcott says:

    This is total confusion not bloody support. Can I please be advised how I can get Microsoft Flight Simulator x (GOLD) Product number MWFYK-HWWDC-HXPTV-C366W-M2J2K to work using 6 (SIX) monitors. My current system is MSI GD80 motherboard .. Core i7 2600K CPU .. 8gb RAM … 2 x XFX HD6970 2GB VGA cards (Not crossfired – 3 monitors in each) .. 6 x AOC 19inch 1440 x 900 resolution monitors. FSX Gold Settings are ALL at absolute minimums,

    ALL, including software is NEW.

    After initial installation, I can manipulate settings etc but as soon as I press “Fly Now” the screens go back to Desktop.

    Can someone from Microsoft please confirm that this programme WILL or WILL NOT support multiple monitors (6) and end my misery.

    If it proves incapable of this support, can someone from Microsoft please explain why MS Flight Simulator 2004 works beautifully with this system (up to 80FPS) and FSX Gold doesn’t.

    Can someone from Microsoft also please tell me (If the support is there and available) what I have to do to make this system work. Yes, please note also, that I have followed the recommended procedures to the letter in excess of 30 times, in order to get this system up and running.

    Thanks in anticipation

    Tony Chilcott

    • Alston Curt says:

      hello Tony Chilcott
      Seams still u are facing some technical problem with your system. you can call our technical experts at +855-859-0057 (for US) and also at +800-635-0716 (for UK). You will surely find an solution from our experts.
      Sorry for late reply..


      • Tony Chilcott says:


        I am indeed having problems. I am a 62 year old pensioner and can not afford the phone calls nor do I have any access in Indonesia to the 1800 system for a free call. Just one of the reasons for trying to solve my problems here. Another reason is that “technicians” here are very thin on the ground. I have yet to converse with any who have seen dual monitors at work, much less six. They are just great at changing PCB etc till the problem goes away but hands on experience and advice are both unavailable here. As a result, all these problems are having to be sorted out by correspondence and I am finding Microsoft is the hardest to communicate with.

        I have been trying to solve this problem now for over 3 years with absolutely no solutions being offered by Microsoft I have now invested in 3 copies of MS FSX and acceleration, upgraded my computer at least four times, all chasing a working copy of FSX using the six monitors.

        I simply cannot understand why FS2004 works so well with all the systems I have upgraded over the years but FSX simply doesn’t. I also cannot understand why a system designed for all the latest
        graphics and CPU intensive games available today, cannot handle a programme which is at least five years old. I should not require the equivalent of a Kray super computer to handle this programme (FSX)

        I really would love a meaningful response from Microsoft even if it is to admit that 6 monitor support for FSX does not exist. If this is indeed the case,

        1. Why does Microsoft not just admit it, put me out of my misery and stop the never ending departure of my limited fiscal resources from my wallet, and,

        2. Why on earth would they remove this capability in the upgrade from FS2004?

        Just in case this is not linked to my previous submission, the following is a brief summary of my FSX problem.

        a. FSX loaded and registered many times,
        b. After installation, I can access FSX do anything I need to do within the settings etc (please not all settings are set at absolute minimums)
        c. I can select an aircraft, plan a flight etc normally,
        d. As soon as I click on the “Fly Now” button I get the box detailing loading textures etc then the screens flash black several times, remains black for a couple of seconds and returns to the desktop
        as if I had done nothing at all. Each upgrade of FSX software and new hardware elicits exactly the same response.

        In conclusion, yes you may well say I have a problem and that there may well be no solution. Can somebody from Microsoft simply tell me this if in fact there is no solution.?

        Thank you

        Tony Chilcott

  2. Alston Curt says:

    hello Tony Chilcott

    We at Techvedic Technologies provide technical support to US & UK customers only at present.
    we have not yet have stated service for Indonesia customers. sorry for inconvenience, try contacting “Microsoft” they will surely look to this issue.
    or you may also check these forums maybe it would help u somehow (i found on google).
    also try out some videos tutorials in YouTube related to your FSX issue…


    • Tony Chilcott says:


      And there, precisely is my problem. I have tried to contact Microsoft and to date they have not deemed it proper to reply. I have also visited nearly every flight forum in existence with a huge number of suggestions but nothing that has resolved the problem. Like you and every other technical assistance group, there is no one here able to offer any, I repeat, any assistance.

      I have even thought about abandoning FSX entirely, despite the funds and time invested, and trying the “new” Microsoft Flight despite not being able to read ONE good review about it. The other alternative is of course, XPlane10 and if I had the available funds I would not hesitate.

      However, this is digression and I would still like to get answers to the aforementioned questions. It would be really nice if someone from Microsoft would reply without referring me to the standard troubleshooting procedures which have been followed on numerous occasions.

      In conclusion, I have estimated that if I had 10 cents for every email or correspondence I have indulged in, then I could have bought the super Kray computer in the hope that that would solve my problems. This is not”tongue in cheek”

      Someone out there must be running FSX on multiple monitors ….. How do I talk to them for their secrets if Microsoft will not talk to me???

      Thanks for you ear

      Tony Chilcott

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