"Microsoft Support"

Microsoft Support

Since its inception ‘Microsoft’ has been the buzz word that virtually every PC user out there looks up to and anticipates as ‘THE ‘name. With a line of operating systems that are touted to be the basic OS users rely on, the popularity Microsoft enjoys in the world of computer is not bounded by words. It in fact is explicitly renowned and calling it as ‘the ace’ will not be exaggerating.

Office and home productivity has gone vertically up with the induction of new series of products with enhanced features. The recent MS Office suite 2010 available in different editions to allure people from diverse segments is an exemplary one. It has leveraged the power of computing and individuals can work simultaneously on the same file sitting at the corners of the globe. Getting the desired visual effect is no more a herculean task. Outlook 2010 is a hub for colleagues, customers, and friends. Built-in Outlook Social Connector, SharePoint and Windows Live help people stay connected in a vivid manner. Microsoft reviews available from customers and experts speak a volume. Read the rest of this entry »

"Hotmail Support"

Hotmail Support

With Hotmail emailing turns richer, simpler, easier and more efficient. Yes, this is what the latest banner from the Hotmail family says.

If you are someone who has not logged into your account recently? So, log in now to witness the makeover your Hotmail had recently. The simple objective behind the entire exercise was to give Hotmail users like you an enriched experience. This new feature requires lesser time and can help in easy de-cluttering of the inbox while offering you an efficient way to keep record of your emails, both personal and professional.

Emails are something that you need to access almost every day and in fact many times a day, especially if you are a professional. With Hotmail Help enjoy added simplification with lesser of what is called Hotmail problems and more of efficient, enriched services. All of this is to help you enjoy an easy email service, with Hotmail as your companion. Read the rest of this entry »

"Microsoft Fix It"

Microsoft Fix It

Wondering why the online computer repair services are enjoying such great popularity? Do you think that all this is an overstated truth? If seeking to find answers then read what follows…

What if your computer breaks down on the weekend or on a holiday when the market at your place remains closed. It’s obvious that no technician would visit your home that very day to resolve the issue or troubleshoot your PC. What will you do then? Will you wait for at least 2-3 days till the technician comes home? Then will you wait again for a day or two till the issue gets rectified? In total what you’ve actually lost here is 5 days, where in you had no access to your work, your customers and your clients. Read the rest of this entry »

"Microsoft fix It"

Microsoft fix It

Microsoft, the internet giants who are known to bring something new, intuitive and better for users’ world over are not restricted by praises of appreciation. The popularity of Microsoft Reviews enjoy as the leaders is well accepted and of course well earned. Calling them THE ‘trend-setters’ among computers world over will not be exaggerating. Currently they are the vendors who govern the computer screen of the highest percentage of users. Microsoft with its intuitive products and error free service is THE name among computer users. Read the rest of this entry »

"Hotmail Customer Support"

Hotmail Customer Support

According to a recent research, it is observed that Hotmail is one of the most popular e-mail applications that have maximum number of users worldwide. I also have my official e-mail account on Hotmail, and have been continuously using it for various business transactions.

Last week, when I was supposed to send an important presentation to one of my international clients through my Hotmail account, I came across with an error related to blank page display. Frankly speaking, I am not a technical guy, but spent some time on researching on various blogs, and finally fixed the issue on my own. That was a great experience! Read the rest of this entry »

"Microsoft Support"

Microsoft Support

“Slow Internet connection” this is the phrase often Googled on the Internet. You might have tried it; I don’t remember how frequent I have done it. Some will go for Microsoft Support and other will prefer to use the Microsoft fix it, if the case is with the Internet Explorer.

No matter which is the Internet service provider, and what plan you have opted for, there are times when things will go beyond your control, leaving you restless. Let’s learn what exactly goes wrong, and discover how to get the most from your Internet connection.

Using the built-in Windows tools i.e. Internet Connections Troubleshooter is the best, if you don’t know much about computing, click “Start” and in the search box, type “troubleshooter”, and then click “Troubleshooting”, and under “Network and Internet”, click “Connect to the Internet”. Read the rest of this entry »

"Microsoft Help"

Microsoft Help

Have you ever been in situations “Print Spooler service is experiencing problems”? Well, it could be the frustrating issue, bundling your nerve. Don’t assume it as a printer problem alone, because it is something related to the Windows operating system.

Last weekend, it happened in my office as well, and right before, when our accountant was just to take a print out of an attendance sheet. He came to me, with hope. I went to his workstation so as to check the printer settings, connectivity and others. But that was futile, and we couldn’t make the printer to work. Read the rest of this entry »